Want PROOF that Video Marketing Works?

PROOF that Video Marketing Works - Dog Grooming Coolangatta QldObviously, we cannot promise you results as good as the “Dog Grooming Coolangatta Qld” result on the right – But the image

proves it is possible.

Google changed its search results format around June 2018, to favour video results – not surprising since it owns Youtube.  In particular, it introduced the “.”

It takes a few weeks to get great video results and requires exceptional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) skills.

Note that not only do we get for the video on our high ranking Youtube account, but also on our website.

While the example is for Dog Grooming Coolangatta Qld, we can do this for ANY BUSINESS IN AUSTRALIA.

So, how does this help you – in YOUR Business? There are 2 Options.

First, we can use the existing – ALREADY RANKED – video and change the contact details to YOUR contact details. We can change the Video Title to YOUR business name. We can change the description to be all about YOUR business.

This gives almost instant results for you.

The alternative is to create a new video for you. It will take 3-6 weeks of Search Engine Optimisation to move the video up the Google results, and of course, there is no guarantee of what we can achieve, because, at the end of the day, it is totally under Google’s control.

Taking the first option – You know exactly what you are getting.


Strangely, no.  It works for 95% of businesses – but for some reason, Google does not always show videos for all search results.  Ring us on 0468 420 470 and we can research it for you.  Better still, buy Rights to a video we have already ranked and you know exactly what you are getting.

So what Businesses – Australia-Wide – does Video Marketing work for?

Well, apart from businesses – it also works for some Real Estate keywords; but for reasons known only to Google, does not work for all Google searches. Here is one it does work for – in a big way:

Waterfront Home at Coomera Shores

Waterfront Home at Coomera Shores

Bathroom Renovations Northern Gold Coast Qld

Bathroom Renovations Northern Gold Coast Qld

This page is a work in progress; as we find new search terms that work we will update the page.  Please check back, or ring Terry on 0468 40 470 to discuss your needs.