is extremely effective – Just a full-size Video and your contact details. 

That’s it – NO distractions.

To see a sample, please go to:

This is just an example – we can make a Full Page Video for your product, your service, for real estate – basically anything.

The Full Page Video can be on your website (as per the example above)  or even on a new domain.

Once we make your normal video, the Full Video Page IS an Add-On, but just $60 to add to your website and $80 to host on a brand new domain (including us finding and purchasing a great domain for you).

We have become conditioned to websites being busy – BUT is it really necessary?  I think not.  A plus your contact details – what more does a potential client want from you?  Put yourself in the place of someone looking for your service – make it quick and easy to do business with you, especially when everyone is so time-poor.

Here is what a Full Page Video looks like:

Full Page Video Website

This can be a page on your existing website – or on a new domain, which of course improves your online exposure.

And a loads lightning fast, plus with auto-play on, they are instantly engaging!

And if you already have your own video, but want to put it on a website on its own, obviously we can help.

Contact us now on 0468 420 470 (Australia) or email and let us start boosting your business!