How To Market Your Computer Repair Business

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Looking for Affordable ways to Market your Computer Repairs Business?  Our Computer Repairs Promotional Videos are top notch, available in several different formats, and all at rock bottom prices – call 0468 420 470 now.  If you are Overseas, email – this can be done completely online from anywhere in the world.

To discuss which of these works best for you, please ring Terry on 0468 420 470 or click the link below:

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Our Computer Repairs Promotional Videos are the ideal solution for . Here is some idea of the success you can get with using Video as one of the Marketing Strategies for YOUR Computer Repair Business:

Gold Coast Computer Repairs Video

Try out new Marketing Ideas for Computer Repair Businesses and boost your online exposure.  In addition to getting a Youtube presence online, you should leverage your Youtube / Website presence by handing out business cards and flyers that lead people to your Youtube site / Website.  Also, think of businesses you can partner with, like Ink Toner stores and cross-market for each other.  It is also worth talking to Phone Repair businesses to check if they do Computer Repairs or not – partner with them if they do not.  What other businesses could you cooperate with? Even coffee shops can work – offer a free computer checkout in exchange for leaving your flyers in the coffee shop.

In Australia, Gumtree is also a great place to promote.  If you have a website, get into the main Local Directories too (we can help you with, and Gumtree, this if you are too busy). Consider putting incentives on your website, like a free dust cleanup (explain the benefits of a having their computer dust-free).

A website is critical, especially if you sell computers or computer-related services.  If you do not have a website, call me now on 0468 420 470 and let’s get you started.

Also, think about where computers congregate!  Schools are a great place to start – lots of computers there!  See if you can come up with a deal that gets the school onside – make sure there is something in it for them.  What businesses in your local area would use lots of computers – get out there and talk to them.  Be focused – businesses, schools, libraries etc will always have several computers, whereas individuals only have one computer (normally).  If you want to catch lots of fish – Go where the fish are plentiful!  Also, keep an eye on new businesses opening up in your area – small businesses cannot normally afford a dedicated IT guy.

Also, if you are marketing to Local Businesses, Schools etc – you are, by default, also marketing to individuals. As an example, if a teachers home computer breaks down, isn’t the first company they think of “the guys who fix our computers at school” (or work, etc).  There is already a degree of trust and credibility established in that you fix the computers where they work.  So are you marketing to the Corporate world? Or to Individuals?  Go where there are plenty of fish!

Pay per click is another option but can be expensive if done badly (again, we can help you with Pay per click and Website Creation).  Google Adwords is Page One this week.  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is much more long-term and you are completely in Google’s hands.  However, if you have a website, not doing all you can with SEO is downright dumb!  As you can see in the screenshot above, great SEO gave us great Google rankings – do not neglect SEO.

Offer your local Chamber of Commerce a free presentation on preventative maintenance for their members’ computer “fleet” and give out good information – not just a sales pitch. This may well lead to a handful of business doing “maintenance deals” with you – this is pure gold, as it is ongoing regular income.  Another great idea is talking to business about BACKUP solutions – you know, the thing you only think about 30 seconds after you need it!  In addition, talk to potential clients about preventing viruses and malware, rather than fixing these things after they have happened, possibly ruining that businesses reputation. This brings forward an interesting focal point for your computer repair business –

Computer Repairs are a One-Off, wait-until-it-breaks situation.
Computer MAINTENANCE delivers regular income.
Where is YOUR business positioned?

Even partnering with us can be helpful.  You can add Website Creation and Video Creation to your Computer Repair business (helping you to look bigger), with you getting the orders for us in return for a commission and we do the fulfilment for you.  This is important because your work is just one question – “Do you need a website?”  We do everything else for you and you pocket the commission. We can even put your “shopfront” on the website/video creation. Call Terry on 0468 420 470 to discuss further how to boost your bottom line with hardly any work (Do you need a website? I will get my website guy to call you).

An important, but often neglected, part of marketing your Computer Repair business is getting Testimonials / Reviews.  Think about it.  What would you Google –  “Computer Repair Business” or “Computer Repair Business Reviews?”  Have a dedicated Computer Repair Business Reviews page on your website.

One thing I have done in the past that had some success is approaching your local Library and offering to do an Info Session for them.  Many libraries run info sessions on a regular basis and are always looking for Speakers. Think about your subject carefully – “repairing computers” needs someone with a broken computer for you to make money; “preventative computer maintenance” means everyone in the room is a potential client.  Choose carefully!

Mailouts can work but are very hit and miss – but “Cooperative” Mailouts can be very successful if done properly – see for more details.

Finally, check out what your competitors are doing.  Do they have great ideas you can “borrow?”  Check out the top 10 Computer Repair Businesses online, find out what they are doing – then do it better!

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